COVID-19 Update

We want all of our friends and customers in the Greater Hamilton area to stay safe.  We have modified our procedures to keep drivers safe and cars consistently disinfected during this Pandemic. We are limiting passenger counts particularly to those of you using the Trans-Cab service. Our entire Hamilton Dispatch and Finance Team is working from the safety of their Home. Our Professional Drivers are ready to help – while constantly monitoring Hamilton Public Health.  We are conscious of the need to keep you and your loved ones safe during this time. The entire team at Blue Line is located right here in Hamilton – we’re in this with all of you.

Shift in Focus – Helping Hamiltonian’s Now

We have made a major shift in service and are focusing heavily on parcel delivery. We are your FIRST CHOICE FOR DELIVERY from all Hamilton Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Parents Homes, grandparents homes and more.  Whether you are asking us to pickup an Apple Pie from Grandma, a Prescription from the Pharmacy, Groceries or anything in between, Blue Line is here to help.  The average cost of a simple Grocery Pickup is often as little as $10.   Stay at home and stay safe,  let our Drivers bring you what you need.  We are licensed and regulated by the City so we don’t use the language of surge pricing – We are really here to help! We are LOCAL – Helping  LOCAL.