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Here are answers to some of our most frequently received questions. Support Hamilton. Support local. Support Blue Line Taxi Transportation.

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If you require more help:

Feel free to call us at (905) 525-0000 to speak to one of our local knowledgeable call centre operators or use our chat feature right here on our website to speak to that same call centre team.

Taxi service in Hamilton is regulated by the Municipality.  The City of Hamilton sets rates, determines safety standards, enforces insurance requirements and much more.  Regulated Taxi Transportation offers customers peace of mind and incredibly safe travel in and around the Hamilton area in comparison to other Rideshare app-based companies.

Taxi service is a municipally controlled and regulated transportation service while Rideshare is not regulated or controlled in the same manner.  For customers, this means that you will always receive consistent service, with consistent pricing, with properly insured vehicles that offer video surveillance and security to ensure the highest level of safety for both passengers and drivers alike.  There’s no mystery with “Surge” pricing or jumping into a vehicle that might be from Oshawa.  Taxi is ALL LOCAL.

All of the other App based operators don’t have a Hamilton home base of operations. In most cases with App-based operators, somewhere between 25% and 35% of the delivery fees immediately leave the country once you engage their service. Everything we do is organized and operated by Hamilton. All of the money you spend stays in Hamilton. Try our friendly fleet of Local Hamilton Call Takers and Professional Vehicle operators.

There is no mystery with Taxi.  The City of Hamilton defines the rate that drivers can charge.  This rate applies every day of the week, every hour of the day.  The payment you make goes to the Driver and the Vehicle Owner.  These are all Local residents living and working in your community.  Your use of Taxi service is a direct support of Local Small Business.

Blue Line Transportation uses a world Class ride-share competitive app created by Global Automotive Giant Nissan Renault.  We are confident that our app is as easy to use and friendly as any you will find in the market. Plus – the Blue Line App allows you to make a choice to really support Local Small Business.  Give it a try.

Blue Line uses a diverse set of vehicle types to move passengers comfortably and safely.  Whether your journey is simple and a 4 door sedan is adequate, or your group is larger requiring a mini-van Blue Line can assist.  Blue Line uses Sedans, Small Crossover SUV’s, larger SUV’s, Mini-vans and commercially converted Fully Accessible vehicles allowing safe wheelchair passenger travel.  Whatever your needs Blue Line can assist.

Blue Line moves People, Parcels, Packages, Pets, and more.  Need to send a vehicle to have your McMaster University student picked up? Contact Blue Line

Need to send food to your Grandmother? Contact Blue Line

Need to pick up a Bike at the local Bike Shop? Contact Blue Line

Need medicine picked up at the pharmacy? Contact Blue Line

Need a lift to the vaccination centre? Contact Blue Line

Taking your Pet to the Vet? Contact Blue Line

Sending sensitive documents across town? Contact Blue Line

Deliverii is a completely local Hamilton-based service. Everyone who works for the company including the entire Dispatch Operation is a Hamiltonian. This is the ONLY ALL LOCAL full-service transportation service in the region.

We are Hamilton’s oldest and largest personal transport service. We have safely moved millions of passengers and parcels every year for the past 30 years.

All cars are equipped to accept VISA, MC, Amex, and Debit.

We do! We offer 10% discounts off the metered rate for senior citizens.

**This discount can not be applied to out-of-town rates, as they are already discounted.

Pets are allowed in specific vehicles – you can specify this request within our App or by calling our local dispatch office.

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten an item behind in our of our taxis. Our vehicles stay in town, so all you have to do is contact our local call centre in Hamilton and have them help you retrieve your item.